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Secrets (SasuSaku) Chapter 3 :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 4 0
Happiness? Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Punishment
"What the hell is she doing?" resonated from the bushes as the figures the group had been observing disappeared inside the warehouse. The man who had poised the rhetorical question immediately rose from his hiding spot and attempted to retrieve his girl who was currently in the arms of another man. His ebony eyes appeared to gleam scarlet as he imagined the different ways in which he could kill the man for touching Sakura. Just as he moved to storm the warehouse, a rustling from the bushes immediately had him and the other men zeroing in on the direction which the noise had originated.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you, unless of course you want Sakura to give you the cold shoulder for the next few days."
Asuma relaxed as he quickly rose to greet the woman he saw as his surrogate daughter. As Ino came into view, Asuma immediately inspected her to see if she was hurt or harmed in anyway. Once satisfied with his examination, he gruffly pulle
:icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 3 0
Trafalgar Law by E-Animelover22 Trafalgar Law :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 3 0 King (Hotaru x Gin) by E-Animelover22 King (Hotaru x Gin) :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 8 5
Mature content
Nefarious Desires (Alucard x Seras) :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 3 1
Mature content
Rebirth (ByaSaku) Chapter 3 :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 0 0
Rebirth (ByaSaku) Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Second Encounter
All characters and rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto and Tite Kubo
Sakura groaned as she once again forced herself to awaken. The last thing she recalled was speaking, if you even want to call it that, to some pompous ass, Sasuke wannabe before being knocked unconscious. Rubbing her hand over the area where the man had hit her, Sakura opened her eyes and was shocked by her surroundings. Ten pair of eyes were focused solely on her as she sat in the middle of what seemed to be an ongoing meeting. Various expressions played out on all the individuals' faces, ranging from excitement to surprise to boredom. One pair of eyes immediately caught her attention. Violet eyes merely observed her before slowly sliding close, making it appear as if the man was irritated by this sudden development. The lack of response and recognition instantly had the fem
:icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 0 0
Rebirth (ByaSaku) Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Crossroads
All characters and rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto and Tite Kubo.
"Taichou, Taichou! What are your orders?"
The desperate cries were accompanied by static as the ear piece was roughly tossed aside, succumbing to gravity as the device was crushed into pieces on the forest floor. The lone figure continued to flutter across the tree branches, disappearing and reappearing before it finally reached its destination. Brows furrowed at the scene that awaited the masked stranger in the open field, as a mixture of fear and anger coursed through her veins.
The whispered names were lost to the sound of birds chirping as blue light began to form around the ebony haired man's hand. On cue, the shout of "Rasengan" filled the air causing a swirl of blue to engulf the blond haired male's hand. Green eyes widened in response as the two teamm
:icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 0 0
Inuyasha by E-Animelover22 Inuyasha :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 11 7
Happiness? (SasuSaku) Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Consequences

The silver haired man was up in a flash at the sound of his name. Within a few seconds, he was at the door embracing the pink haired woman. Previous fears were quelled once he had Sakura in his arms, but he knew there were still serious matters to be dealt with. A small cough interrupted the embracing couple causing Kakashi to release her and glare at the man responsible for the disturbance. His one good eye zeroed in on Sasuke who was lounging beside the wall, a mask of indifference as he observed Kakashi's arms wrapped around Sakura.
A single eyebrow arched in response as Kakashi took in the appearance of the Uchiha as well as Sakura. Conclusions began to formulate in his mind resulting in the scowl coloring his expression. Quickly he replaced it with his usual indifferent expression.
The two stared at each other, sizing each other up. The tension that filled the hallway could've been easily cut by a kn
:icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 5 8
Dream, Brother by E-Animelover22 Dream, Brother :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 7 8
Happiness? (SasuSaku) Chapter 10
Chapter 10: A Date to Remember
Sasuke quickly made his way over to the infirmary to check on the members who had returned. All thoughts of Sakura were pushed to the back of his mind as he slide the dojo door open.
"Oi, Sasuke! Get this chick away from me."
The scene that awaited Sasuke had him yearning a cigarette. Naruto was currently trying to fight off one of the female nurses that was threatening him with a needle. Muttering a curse Sasuke turned on his heel and was seriously pondering if he could go back to Sakura's place.
Naruto's boisterous voice squashed that thought immediately.
"Shut up Dobe. Get treated and head over to my quarters. We need to have a talk."
Sasuke's tone had Naruto pausing his ongoing struggle with the nurse. Tilting his head to get a better look at Sasuke over the nurse's shoulder, a small smile began to replace the grimace he was wearing earlier.
"How's Sakura-chan?"
Immediately Sasuke straightened his back and turned to glare at N
:icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 6 4
Unexpected Gesture (Okita and Kagura) by E-Animelover22 Unexpected Gesture (Okita and Kagura) :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 19 8 His Indifference, Her Pain by E-Animelover22 His Indifference, Her Pain :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 27 7
Happiness? (SasuSaku) Chapter 9
Chapter 9: A Compromise
"You're not marrying him."
Sakura paused in the doorway of her loft as Sasuke's command reached her ears. Rolling her eyes in response, she took off her shoes and made her way over to the kitchen. With her hands outstretched before her, Sakura searched for the familiar shape of her teapot that she usually left out on the counter. An irritated expression marred her face for a moment until her hands came into contact with the smooth curve of a kettle. A small smile replaced her previous expression as she turned to face the general direction in which she recalled hearing Sasuke's demand.
"Would you like some tea?"
Annoyed was how he felt as he watched Sakura ignore his comment. Deciding it was best to reiterate what he had said, Sasuke walked over to her and grabbed her shoulders before lowering his lips to her ear.
"You are not marrying him."
A furious blush erupted onto Sakura's face as she felt Sasuke's breathe against her ear. Using both hands to push hi
:icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 7 4
Courtesan for the Dead by E-Animelover22 Courtesan for the Dead :icone-animelover22:E-Animelover22 8 5


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